Monday, April 5, 2010

Top 10 Indicators that you're a 1.0 Application Company!

10.The last time you updated you're user interface, Windows 3.1 was your OS.
9.Your UI is still Windows-based.
8.You read "Only the Paranoid Survive" and have locked yourself in a room.
7.Your API strategy is to expose your database tables and stored procedures.
6.You think Cloud and SaaS are only being adopted by small companies with little to no money.
5.You refer to your hosted instance of your application as SaaS.
4.Your idea of rapid customization capability is to lock an engineer in the room with your SaaS hosted instance.
3.You want to adopt a Cloud and SaaS strategy but are worried about eroding your high ASP.
2.You don't have a Cloud strategy yet.
1.You're Cloud strategy is to wait in your room till the fad is over.